New Spring Summer 2020 collection presents a great novelty: Alea’s Active Shirt.

These are shirt models aimed at the businessman who has no time to waste and must be impeccable 24 hours a day. The man of today is a dynamic man, in constant movement between business appointments, travel, non-stop commitments, meetings and office life. The need today is to always be impeccable in any situation. Alea has thought of everyone.

With the no iron and wrinkle free proposals, the manager will always be perfect. A breathable shirt, without creases, fresh and elegant, the under-jacket shirt undergoes a renouveau of style and quality.

Alea’s no iron shirts dry quickly and guarantee maximum comfort in any movement situation. Innovation and research come together to create a novelty, an elegant but at the same time practical shirt.

Discover here Alea’s Wrinkle Free models!


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