The choice of a type of collar rather than another communicates so much about himself, from his own personality to his style, which is why it turns out to be a fundamental detail of the masculine outfit to be absolutely remembered.
And what do you want to know about you?
Below we list different styles, each one different depending on how you want to be!

If you prefer a casual and informal style, you can’t miss a shirt with a button-down collar, it stands out because it can be buttoned directly on the shirt thanks to the two buttonholes on the tips.
For the true gentlemen with an elegant and sophisticated look, we recommend an impeccable shirt with a tab collar, to be rigorously combined with a refined high-knot tie.
If, on the other hand, you are a lover of the classic look, in your wardrobe the Italian collar cannot miss, it represents the classic shirt par excellence and given its narrow and elongated tips it is recommended for those who want to make their neck longer and slimmer.
If a special occasion awaits you and you don’t know what to wear, the shirt that is right for you is the one with the wing collar, it is the most elegant and refined collar ever, to wear with the bow tie and to show off with the tight , tuxedo or tailcoat.
To cope with the scorching heat of summer you cannot do without the shirt with a Korean collar which, given the absence of sails, you can wear it either buttoned or left open.
Always to stay in the summer climate, if you have a Hawaiian beach party and are undecided about what to wear, we recommend the shirt with the camp collar, known for its wide lapels.
Finally, the perfect type of shirt for every occasion is always the one with the French collar, also known as the “open collar” for the well-open and spaced tips.


In short, Alea offers shirts with different types of collars, each with its own characteristics and suitable for all types of situations.
What are you waiting for?
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