Alea #Pitti95: Back to Elegance

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Pitti 95 Man is back at last who, as always, showed off new trends and the latest trends of international importance for the collections of men’s clothing and accessories for the Fall-Winter 2019-2020.

This year the Pitti was not just a salon but “The Pitti Box” a real nucleus of novelties, ideas and new proposals: in fact in addition to participating in 1200 brands, several boxes were installed that during the journey told the new identity of the men’s fashion.

We start from men’s suits that maintain a formal heritage but with a new unconventional interpretation with deliberately showy details and very special combinations of very high aesthetic taste and the use of fine yarns like cashmere and

mohair, enhanced by simple lines and patterns proposed.

Alongside cardigans and sweaters there are certainly no shortage of shirts, in fact this year Alea proposes itself at Pitti with warm colors like red and mustard, precious velvet and pattern enriched with micro patterns, now a hallmark of Alea.
Among the other novelties stand out fantasies such as flowers on a small ribbed velvet base, patterns on the pocket in red tartan and the magnificent shirts belonging to the Alea Traveler line in total Western style.

To conclude the world of accessories, it lends itself to a transformist world, which creates a marriage between tradition and modernity, best reflecting the spirit of this Pitti Uomo edition.

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