Whether it’s summer or winter, the shirt remains an iconic item that can’t miss in a man’s wardrobe. The summer season is ever more imminent and the first short-sleeved shirts are starting to get noticed, a great alternative to long-sleeved shirts or the casual t-shirt. Initially the short-sleeved shirt wasn’t much appreciated, while today it returns to be sported in the spring-summer seasons just as Alea proposes, ideal models that are perfect for smart and casual contexts.
But how to choose the right item with the ideal patterns and combinations for an original and fun look?
Whoever wears a short-sleeved shirt surely has a bubbly and effervescent humor, thanks to the colorful patterns like all-over floral, prints with unique motifs and lines everywhere. The short-sleeved shirts are perfect to be combined with light jeans or worn with a basic t-shirt, for those looking for a fresh and summer look in situations of total relaxation.


The models of the summer 2019 that Alea proposes, feature patterns in hawaian style and floral prints but above all offers a wide range of models such as the Bowling Shirt which is recommended to be worn over a white T-shirt. Finally, to complete the look, Alea opts for chinos with an infinite color palette, very colorful, neutral or even black, creating a look with an urban contemporary mood or in an easy-to-wear mode. The short sleeve is usually recommended in informal contexts, during the day or during the weekend, while in the evening the long sleeve is still preferred. But there is always a good compromise, have you ever thought of rolling up your sleeves? And if so, how?
The sleeve should be folded with absolute attention: unbutton the cuff by folding it over itself one or more times using as a reference point the thickness of the first fold, thus maintaining a clean and elegant look.

For the summer season Alea offers models with long sleeves and others with short sleeves, now it’s up to you to choose the perfect shirt for the summer!
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