For Valentine’s day, Alea decided to unveil the perfect outfit for this occasion so loved by women. Alea offers you the perfect look for every kind of evening; starting from a romantic dinner in your favorite restaurant, a movie night or a comedy of love in the theater of the first date, the contexts in which you can wear the shirts are many!

Whether you spend hours in front of the wardrobe to find the perfect look or that you are a last-minute laggards, Alea suggests an elegant white shirt, a garment with a classic but at the same time contemporary taste.
The white shirt is in fact an icon of masculine elegance, perfect for important occasions, just like Valentine’s Day, the day that immortalizes the loves of our life.
But don’t forget guys, to pay maximum attention to the size of the neck, because Alea keeps us that you are real urban men with a contemporary style without falling into banal, so opt for a traditional collar shirt like the Italian or French.




Combine your shirt with a black jacket with spike lapels, increasing your self-confidence, enriching your look with unique accessories such as a watch with a crocodile strap in mahogany color or stockings in classic colors like black, blue or dark gray.
Alea among the accessories suggests you to choose a scarf for a look like a true romantic gentleman like shawls or scarves in silk to give a real touch of class to your outfit.
Alea with the new spring summer collection 2019 has decided to dress the elegant yet contemporary man with shirts of the highest quality fabrics exclusively MADE IN ITALY, with original and fun patterns to show off on sunny days in the height of Italian summer.

The new collection will leave #nowords, don’t miss it!!
Discover our new collection:

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