An original touch for your shirt? Bow tie is the answer!

Camicia bianca con papillon legno

The bow tie has always been a must for VIP events but nowadays it has taken on a casual implication thanks to the large offer of forms (butterfly, bat wing) and fabrics (wood, resin, ceramic).   The bow tie has transformed itsel from an accessory you could use only at weddings and high society parties to a nice detail you can wear in informal occasions too, combined with casual jackets and shirts to highlight your look.

The first rule is just one: you must create contrast between the colours and fabrics of tie and shirt. The bow tie can be worn with any type of collar, exception made for the Mao collar.

And don’t forget to cover the tips with the ends of your tie! Once you are sure you follow these simple rules, have fun and create your own and original look choosing the bow tie that best matches your style.


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