Casual Friday

uomo outfit casual
On Friday you feel free, relaxed, problems dissolve and you get prepared for the incoming weekend.
In the USA people call this state of mind “Casual Friday” which reflects even in your look and differs from the outfits you wear during the rest of the week to go to work. So, from Monday to Thursday, jacket and tie are unavoidable but on Fridays… you are free to wear what you want! Casual Friday has developed since the last Eighties and from that time on this tradition has reached Italy too but without great success: in our country the dress code is much more rigid and the elegant attire is necessary only when you take part in important meetings.
So, what can we wear on Fridays?
A big yes to less formal and serious outfits but always clean & neat in style and match. You must choose a proper look with some dispensations: for example, a leather short vest or a flowing jacket matched with luxurious sneakers. And if you add some polished and refined accessories you win!
Even if not established, Casual Friday in Italy can be a great occasion to amuse yourself with your looks and oufits.

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