Alea Spring-Summer 2021

A wide range of colours, prints, patterns, stripes, new original textures and weaves, all produced exclusively for Alea, with the Italian style and high quality that have always been typical of our shirts.

There are two strong points in the Alea collection:
Organic and Techno shirts.

Alea continues its search for new materials, styles and exclusive patterns to meet the different needs of contemporary man in his daily life: from a new interpretation of the classic basic shirts, now presented in new colours and fabrics, to the most trendy and casual ones to wear during leisure time and relaxation.

On the one hand the new organic fabrics, in original and trendy colours, on the other, the highly performing technical fabrics, comfortable to wear and easy to treat, proposed for next Spring – Summer in exclusive Alea’s colours, patterns and prints.

The trendy colour palette is focused on natural colours, the colours of the earth and nature. Colours that we find especially in the new organic fabrics: the different soft tones and various shades of ochre, yellow, reddish brown, green, blue and amber. Shaded colours that give fabrics an uneven, shaded and natural look. The new colours are obtained through the use of natural colours extracted from pigments that are present in the earth, burnt and subjected to special processes. This in line with Alea’s new business choices aiming to the use of procedures and materials in the respect of environment and sustainability.

Organic fabrics

Certified Organic Cotton (GOTS) for these new shirts that show Alea’s great attention to the environment and sustainability, now presented in fashionable colours and prints. Shirts with a rustic and natural look, with special weaving, Chambray and indigo fake effects, multi-ratio stripes linen – viscose in natural tones, or 100% organic linen, solid and striped. To end this proposal, a special100% garment dyed cotton shirt with a 47% recycled component and natural organic dyes (from earth pigments) and a more formal classic one with new prints.

Utility chic

The cutting-edge technology for shirts in highly perfoming technical fabrics for this first theme. In addition to plain colours, new exclusive trendy prints, fancy and geometric patterns, light blue and blue backgrounds. Next to all these items, that are in polyamide – elastan fabrics, we have a new 49% bi-stretch cotton fabric, As concerning modelling, besides continuous models we have e three-button polo shirt, available both with short and long sleeves.

Natural rhythms

The typical ethnic colours and mood for this theme, inspired by African prints and shades.

Summer exotic

This is Alea’s spring – summer most colourful proposal presented in 16 different swatches with different items, among them the Baiadera stripes, the solid and printed linen with shade effect. To highlight, the printed striped poplin, the exclusive patterns, the Liberty prints and the multicoloured graphics, solid colour linen with shade effect and indigo Chambray. All shirts have washed treatment for a most fashionable updated look.

Safety shirts

The new exclusive fabric “Safety” to meet Customers’ needs and expectations. The new Safety fabric for the most trendy and coolest Alea shirt! The new classic Alea shirts focus on the new Safety fabric, a light quality fabric for the business man who cares for style and trends but wants to feel comfortable and safe.
The special ViroBlock treatment inhibits and kills viruses and bacteria using silver ions and lasts up to 30 washes at 40° without deteriorating the quality of the fabrics.

Giza selection

The Giza cotton classic shirts are Alea’s most iconic and traditional creations and a constant presence in Alea collections, now presented in different fabrics: from Dobby to English striped satin poplin and a new exclusive stick striped print on a jacquard weave. This theme, however, has been developed mainly in micro-patterns and stripes.

Merino shirts

The best quality and the most refined extra-fine merino 120’s fabric for Alea spring – summer collection that is now proposed with the introduction of linen. A new 53% merino wool 120’s – 47% linen fabric for these shirts presented in different solid colours, typical striped fabrics and summer designs.

Basic shirts

The basic ALEA shirt both in classic and trendy colours and patterns. The classic cotton shirt is reinvented in a new fashionable shirt to be worn under your jacket or formal dress. The iconic classic Alea shirt, symbol of the best tradition and elegance in menswear.

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Symbol of the best tradition of men elegance, a classic icon of men’s shirts in Italy. Synonymous with history, constant research and high quality.
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