Alea in its FW 20/21 collection continues its search path for materials, details and new patterns with a special attention to the present fashion trends.

Great value is given to a different interpretation of the classics. Traditional patterns are now proposed on technical and wrinkle free fabrics, to mention also the plain and checked super 120’s merino – wool fabric. The fine Giza cotton is also developed in trendy colours. New entry into the collection: certificated organic cotton. A wink to current trends, are the over shirts introduced into the new collection. A collection full of metropolitan inspirations for the man who wants to distinguish himself.

The new Fall – Winter 20/21 Alea Shirt Collection is divided into two main themes: the first one aims to a new interpretation of the Classic Alea Shirt, while the second one develops the newest fashion trends of the moment.



Plain colours, traditional patterns and small geometric prints are proposed on new highly performing technical and wrinkle free fabrics. The Classic men’s shirt is completely new, comfortable and impeccable 24 hours a day.

Giza Exclusive Selection: the Giza cotton classic shirts are Alea’s most iconic and traditional creations and a constant presence in Alea collections.  Italian style and design and the highest quality Giza cotton for Alea’s most refined shirts.

Giza Seasonal: a new interpretation of classic patterns in different trendy colours, a new way to present Alea’s Giza cotton shirts. The classic Giza cotton shirt is reinvented in a new fashion shirt to be worn under your jacket or formal dress.

Wrinkle Free: the ideal shirt for the today business man who wants to feel comfortable 24 hours a day. Perfect and with no wrinkles all day long.

Techno Shirts: the cutting-edge technology for shirts in a highly perfoming technical fabric: soft on the skin, breathable, this bi-stretch fabric doesn’t need ironing and it is an excellent temperature controller.

Merino Shirt: the best quality and the most refined extrafine merino 120’s fabric for the newest and most fashionable Alea shirts. The merino wool fabric has unique features as only wool can have, it is naturally elastic, soft and breathable and keeps the body temperature in all seasons.

Organic Cotton: certified Organic Cotton GOTS for the new fashionable shirts that demonstrate Alea’s attention to the environment and sustainability.

Stretch Fabric: stretch fabrics with a contemporary image.

Last but not least… “Safety” Shirts: the new exclusive fabric “Safety” to respond to Customers’ needs and expectations after the Covid emergency. The new Safety fabric for the most trendy and coolest Alea shirt!

The new classic Alea shirts focus on the new Safety fabric, a light quality fabric for the business man who cares for style and trends but wants to feel comfortable and safe.

The special ViroBlock treatment inhibits and kills viruses and bacteria using silver ions and lasts up to 30 washes at 40° without deteriorating the quality of the fabrics. It’s just a protective shield.



The colour palette ranges from essential black, white and grey to natural shades like beige and military green, passing through reddish brown, red, orange, yellow and blue.

A wide range of prints completes the collection and develops the floral pattern (Liberty London); stripes, tartan, patchwork, printed velvet, flannels of different weights, a revisited camouflage and the inevitable garment dyed in micro piqué.

Alea Fall – Winter 20/21 Collection presents different well defined proposals:

Seasonal Stripes & Prints: stripes, prints, dobby and seasonal patterns for the most fashionable and coolest shirts.

Black & White: the most sophisticated and timeless colours for the most trendy and refined shirts.

Trendy Prints: a wide range of exclusive prints, small geometric and floral patterns among which the inevitable Liberty London.

Velvet Theme: fantasy prints and new patterns on fine or ribbed velvet and the eternal garment dyed “old-fashioned” treatment. And finally a wink to current trends: the over shirts.

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