Every dad deserves his own shirt

Festa papà

How is your dad? Classy or sporty, a fashion victim or the average careless guy?

Father’s Day is coming and if you want to give him an unusual shirt, pick the one that matches your dad taste for fabrics, patterns and fit.

HERE are the most fun shirts of our collection while HERE you can find discounts on classic, casual and unconventional shirts.

Do you want to surprise him? Try with a pineapple fall. Even the most demanding fathers will be amazed by its style.

If classics are what you dad craves, tailored fit, half-wide collar shirts are a must-have suitable for every outfit.

Is he young and free? Mao collar will surely add a one-of-a-kind touch to your dad’s look.

Whether you give an Alea shirt to your father or you buy it for your own wardrobe, remember that Alea is the result of more than 65 years of tradition, experience and style research

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