The shirt is one of the most important pieces of clothe in the male wardrobe and also in this season we will appreciate it in all its shades.

First 2020 Autumn hints are painted by street and urban style flavors to retranslate the classical key clothe. The shirt is free to be more casual in its details as well as in the way to be worn over the trousers, tricks for a cool and elegant look in this season. 

The man of the Autumn 2020 is not afraid to dare with prints and colors, which the most trendy are blue and the evergreen white.

Confident, contemporary, less formal but that doesn’t give up on tailoring and materials quality. This is the man in the end of 2020 starting thinking about the beginning of the 2021 and Alea brand is ready to be by his side with our best shape and quality products.

Come and visit our e-commerce to find out the most suitable shirts for you and your lifestyle.

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