The gentleman is more on fashion that ever.


The gentleman is more on fashion that ever.

Everything anything else other than old: the formal look and aristocrat typical of the gentleman, is back on fashion!

The greatest designers have celebrated on their runways an elegant return to the evening suit more refined than ever.

Real other times men’s icons as Sean Connery in James Bond as inspiration, have been re-proposed for contemporary gentlemen, to be emulate in style and elegance even by the youngest.

The impeccable lines, the tailored cut and the handicrafted suits become more than ever trendy and they dress the man able to express his personal touch that makes it unique in its kind.

The classic white shirt plays a crucial role for this trend: emblem of elegance for excellence, is timeless and inevitable in the wardrobe of every true gentleman that respects.

It sprouts under shaped blazers, in the office under super-formal blue suit but absolutely dandy and also to complete the classic male suit that are a real classic for the most important occasions

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