In all wardrobes a blue shirt cannot be missing.

Alea presents in its SS20 collection several shirts with blue and light blue colors.

It is a classic and traditional garment, suitable for multiple occasions. But how to match it?


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You can wear it for a ceremony, for work or to go out in company.

It is possible to combine the shirt with a blue, gray, beige or white jacket. Black will be avoided.

The best tie to choose when wearing a blue shirt is the dark blue one. If you want to dare a little, choose it red or blue with contrasting patterns.

For casual wear, pair your light blue shirt with blue, beige, gray, or burgundy trousers. Avoid black and brown.

You can combine the blue shirt with a pair of jeans, strictly dark.

In summer, you can even wear it on green, yellow or white trousers.

The choice is yours, the important thing is to always match it appropriately even with mono color shoes. Thanks to the mono color, the blue shirt can be highlighted, which will become something special and refined.

Choose your Alea shirt and combine it with garments to your liking, pay attention to our advice!

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