The days are getting shorter and the temperatures are lowering, so what’s the ideal shirt to show off this season?

Alea offers a very versatile collection, with models ideal for every occasion.

The denim shirt in particular is a must have for all men and is perfect for mid-season. It can be worn closed with rolled up sleeves, with a sweater on or open with a t-shirt underneath for a more casual and youthful look.

Another typology of typically autumnal shirt is the plaid shirt. Alea offers different types of plaid tartan shirts with various shades of color. They can be worn with a pair of jeans, opened with a t-shirt underneath or even buttoned. Ideal for your free time, for the weekend or an evening with friends.

Another perfect item for mid-season is the shirt with floral pattern. It can enhance an elegant look if worn with a solid color dress or play down a more casual look, if combined with jeans.

Alea for this season offers shirts rich in patterns, characterized by a mix of textures with different shades.

Finally, a real protagonist of the autumn season continues to be velvet.


Take a look at Alea’s collection to choose the perfect shirt for you to wear right now!

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