Initials on the shirt: a detail that makes it special.

iniziali ricamate camicia uomo

Born for a practical need – historically it was necessary to distinguish men’s home shirts in affluent families – today embroidery of the initials is just a bargain of the modern gentleman, which gives a note of charm and character in addition.

But how do you indulge yourself in this style touch without falling into an ostentatious inelegance?

The important thing is, first and foremost, that embroidery is discreet and not excessive: it is a detail and that must remain.

The colors have a crucial role: generally the letters, followed by a point or not, must be pale pink, blue or gray on the white shirt, dark blue on the classic blue shirt and red or bordeaux on the pink shirt. If your shirt is more sporty, however, you can bargain and point to more shining colors that emphasize the initials.

The position is also important: the monogram is usually embroidered on the left side, between the fifth and the sixth button counting from the top and at a distance of 7 cm from the bin. There are also those who prefer the collar or cuff, but the traditional position remains the most elegant and most used.

So dare the initials on the shirt is granted, but only with discretion.

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