The Italian shirts made in Emilia Romagna


Book for Buyers magazine has just dedicated an interesting article to our history and brand evolution, from its birth after the Second World War – when the then young generations had to rebuild the country -, up to the present days, with our company constantly reinventing tailor-made traditional shirts with a modern touch to make them suitable for unconventional men.

Alea’s history is worth to be told because it is rich in tradition, memories and entrepreneur spirit. It all began at the end of 1940s, while Italy was undertaking its post-war rebirth: the American company Singer was organizing training courses in small town parishes and Agostino Maremonti and Spartaco Onofri accepted the challenge to create their own company at Savignano sul Rubicone, the iconic Italian town where Julius Caesar told the famous sentence “Alea iacta est!”.

Then, in 1952 Alea Fashion was established and, after 65 years, it keeps making the best thing it can – shirts – still accepting the future challenges and opening at new markets and trends; still clinging to the solid Italian craftsmanship values.

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