Let’s go checks: shirts for a stylish fall

uomo camicia check
Fall is the season of tartan. It may be because of cold weather, that reminds us of blankets and cozy sofas, or the need for colors and patterns even in that period of the year, but check patterns come back every year to men’s wardrobe. Shirts are the piece of clothes that better show the fashionable side of checks: matched in the right way, they can give a wide range of looks.
The British inspiration is unavoidable, given the link to Scottish culture and history. After seasons of sweeping success, the lumberjack look is still popular in street style: check shirt and T-shirt is an everlasting combination for free time and it also recalls today’s love for 1990’s. If you don’t want to give up some class, check shirts can be worn with suits for an unconventional touch.
Visit our Fall Winter collection page and choose the check pattern you prefer.

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