Long live the tie! But how can you match it with a shirt?

Cravatta fucsia con camicia bianca
Just look around and find out how much the use of this accessory is becoming less and less frequent in everyday life due to the casual trends that fashion requires but, let’s say the truth, there are occasions when the tie is necessary: ceremonies and weddings, interviews, or formal working environments.
For this very narrow custom, we need to be particulary careful in the choice of shirt and jeans to match with tie. Here’s a little guide to get an impeccable combination of shapes, colors and fantasies.
GOLDEN RULE: Do not mix more than three colors or fantasies.
TO BE ON THE SAFE SIDE: Free to the unique tinted tie with bright colors to detach from the light shirt and gown but beware of the shocking, never recommended effect.
COLOR: abandon the red fire and prefer the bordeaux, forget green or yellow and choose the blue, the green or the brown and if you love to amaze, dare fuchsia!
FANTASY: Micro fantasies are always a great choice, especially dots and rows, always be careful not to choose the model with more than three colors.
OVERLOADS: Avoid ties and necklaces with different patterns. Rather, if you can not give up on colors and fantasies, put everything around so that one of the colors of the tie pattern invokes the shirt’s color.

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