A fit for every occasion

Choosing the shirt that best suits your physicality may not seem easy, but following these simple instructions you can solve this problem quietly and without too much effort.

It is necessary to consider different parameters to identify the correct size of a shirt, especially if you are not used to wearing this garment frequently.

As for the fit, Alea offers four different types of shirts:

  • Tailor: the most suitable shirt to wear as under jacket. Its cut and its sartorial construction, thanks to the presence of darts on the back, make this shirt almost fit for any type of physicality;
  • Slim: the perfect shirt for a dry physicality, which adapts completely to the body because it is tight to the torso and screwed on the sides, thanks to the darts on the back. Moreover, being shorter than the other ones, it is definitely the most suitable for young guys who are used to wear it out of the pants;
  • Dress: a shirt with an updated fit, with a smooth back without darts to be comfortable but also in line with the latest fashion trends;
  • Classic: the classic Alea shirt, for those who want to be comfortable thanks to its large shape and without darts.


To identify the Italian sizes of shirts, you have to take into account the circumference of the neck, measured from the center of the first button to the center of its buttonhole: usually, these are between cm. 38  and cm. 49.

To have a correspondence between the Italian sizes in centimeters and the American ones indicated by  letters, typical of streetwear clothing such as t-shirts, just consider indicatively these comparisons:

• size 38 corresponds to S;
• from size 39 to size 40 inclusive, corresponds to M;
• from size 41 to size 42 inclusive, corresponds to L;
• from size 43 to size 44 inclusive, corresponds to the XL;
• from size 45 to rise corresponds to the XXL.

Another detail not to be underestimated in choosing a shirt Alea, is the type of collar.

Alea proposes different collars, and these change depending on the models but also on type of fabric and the treatment that has been done to the fabric, that determines the choice of the type of collar and consequently on which occasion to wear the shirt.

In fact, the collar, together with the cuffs, buttons and stitching allow you to twist and inevitably define the style of a shirt.

But let’s see exactly what are the collars in Alea collections:

Half-French collar, semi-open, classic and suitable for wearing a tie, enhancing the knot;
Italian collar, that is with the tips of the sails closed and close to the inside, interpretable both in the formal version, wearing a tie, and in line with the latest fashion trends;
Italian collar with covered buttoning, perfect for wearing a bow tie;
Diplomatic collar, with raised tips, suitable for ceremonies or formal occasions, also great with a bow tie and to wear under a tuxedo jacket;
Button down collar, that is the one with buttons on the sails, suitable for both a sport shirt and for more formal occasions;
Danny collar, a semi-open but updated fashionable collar, given the small size of the sails and therefore more suitable for informal occasions and  when it is not necessary to wear the tie;
Mandarin collar, that is without sails, suitable for more informal and sporting occasions. It is a typical collar of summer shirts but, according to the interpretations of the fabric, it can also be declined as a proposal for an underjacket shirt, in line with the latest fashion trends;
Double-use collar, with a placket, typical of half sleeve shirts;
Collar of the Texan shirt, that is with the tips of the sails longer than usual and with double stitching.

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