New Alea autumn-winter collection presents a contemporary and refined style.

The key concepts of this season are:

Giza Exclusive Selection: a shirt that enriches the business man giving him that smart and never boring impression. The classic shades are timeless but this collection is also enriched with proposals in bright shades of red, black or bluette for an elegant but particular under-jacket.

Vintage stripes: medium stripes and bright colors return for a 70s human recall.

Street fashion: minimal prints follow one another more geometric, micro-tie or a soft paisley. The proposal also includes a smooth and printed velveteen!

City Sport: in the last part of the collection, we find a mix and match of macro prints and patterns with typically autumnal colors that give a sporty reinterpretation of the under-jacket. The color palette contains the taupe, mustard, red, blue and black tones.

Alea autumn-winter 2019/20: homogeneity and class in all themes thanks to the same color matrix that gives alea man refinement.

Come and discover the new collection on our site!


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