No folds for your shirts

camicia in valigia
Summer means vacation: no matter where you’re heading for – seaside or mountains, relax or adventure – you have to deal with your suitcase. … and the question doesn’t change from one year to the next: how to exploit its full capacity without shrinking our garments?

Not to mention how difficult it is to avoid creases when it comes to shirts, the most critical item of your wardrobe! Don’t worry, we have something for you: this summer you will travel happy & “unfolded”.
Follow our simple rules and you’ll be able to save space and wear you favourite shirt without worrying for folds & creases!
First of all, lay your shirt onto a smooth and rigid surface, then fasten all the buttons (don’t forget the cuffs!).
Second, turn your shirt on the other side and get rid of all the creases stretching the fabric with attention. Fold the sleeves along the chest section and, as last step, roll your shirt starting from its bottom till its collar. Be careful when doing this, otherwise you will shrink it up.
You will obtain a cilynder that will help you to save space in your suitcase and to wear your shirt as just ironed!
Now that the question “suitcase” is solved, let’s fly away!

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