Paisley print shirts: for men with true style

Paisley print

Shirts are generally considered an elegant and formal item, but those who know better the world of shirting should know it has a gritty side: a rock and dandy soul that can make any look more intriguing and refined.

For this specific season, gentlemen who think out of the box and stand out of the crowd cannot turn down a paisley print shirt. This ancient decoration tastes like India or Persia, but it come to Europe through a Scottish city called Paisley, where it was used to create textures and decorations on fabrics that became famous all over the world.
The typical paisley pattern is made of boteh or buta, a floral motif of Persian origins shaped as a drop. The fact is that, today, after many centuries, it inspires fashion and designers, as well as painters.
This Autumn, which celebrates the ethnic prints, paisley (which has never been out of fashion) is a protagonist of catwalks and wardrobes.
Paisley is much more than a pattern, it shows one’s mood and personality, and let people know that you can have fun and play down, without giving up your style.

Now have a look to our store, listen to your feelings and choose your personal paisley from a range of colors and design.

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