Seasons change, shirts stay.

Uomo camicia in cabina armadio

We are really close to autumn and cold weather is definitively coming: can you imagine a better moment for your seasonal change?

Put away your swimsuits, lock up your shorts in that last drawer with sandals and summer shoes.
Not too fast, though, because seasons change and shirts stay. There is no other garment in men’s wardrobes as versatile as shirts and it is especially true if you consider seasons. Cotton, light flannel or denim shirts are key tops through all the year.
Some days we really do not know what to wear. You go out in the morning, it’s cloudy and cold, but you already know it is going to be warm and sunny in the afternoon: wearing a shirt is the right thing to do to survive the changing mood of the season.

A sweater or a cardigan can be too casual for a job interview or a meeting, that’s why a shirt is a savior. Whether it is a white, patterned or mandarin-collar shirt, it can make your outfit more classy and smart.
Finally there is an ever-green classic: jacket and shirt, matched and layered, are perfect to survive the autumn.

Shirts will be protagonists this season: keep it at your finger tips!

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