In the men’s wardrobe the shirt is a garment that never goes out of fashion, confirming itself over the years an icon of men’s fashion that can not be resisted both in the office and during the weekend.

For those who always want an appropriate style at any time of the day with a shirt you can never be out of place, whether it is worn with a pair of jeans or a tailored suit. To be really impeccable, there are some basic rules to easily match the favorite shirt: first of all you have to keep an eye on the length, in fact the shirt worn under a dress must be strictly longer in the back, to make sure that come out of your pants.

Man shirt hands

The jacket and the shirt must be in symbiosis for a look like a true gentleman, one of the secrets is not to get the tips of the shirt out of the lapels of the jacket and in this way the result is assured. The French collar is strongly discouraged to combine it with an elegant dress, certainly not to go unnoticed the collar club is the latest trend among class men. The tie is forbidden to match it with a button down shirt, which does not require any kind of accessory: finally it can also be worn unbuttoned, but only and exclusively carried with a blazer.

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