Shirt collar: how to choose the right one.

colletto camicia bianca

The collar, along with the cuffs, is often the only visible part of the shirt, the one in which the look is focused.

To avoid making style mistakes, it is important to choose it according to strict rules, without leaving anything to chance.

First, it must be proportionate to the face, neck length, and body size in general.

To choose the right collar, make sure it is of the right size: a trick to figure it out is to wear the shirt and move the neck to the left and right: if the collar tips remain firm then the size is the right one.

When the shirt is worn under the jacket, the lapel must cover the bottom edge of the collar and the tips, leaving the neck in sight.

Here are the most popular collar types.

Italian collar: straight-topped collar, semi-open with removable slats, ideal for formal and worldly occasions.

French collar: Large collar with very open tips and removable sticks, considered young and trendy. Also called “Cutaway collar”, in France it is called “Italian”.

Button Down collar: This category includes collars with buttons to stop the tips. Also called “Soft Roll Collar”. It is a more informal model suitable for sporty look.

“Ceremony” collar: it is elegant collar, it features bent tips and is used for very formal occasions. Also called “frac” or “diplomatic”.

Mao collar: composed essentially solely from the sole. It gives rigor and originality to style. Today very common in casual and sports linen shirts.


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