Dominating the scene of the new Fall Winter collection 2019/2020 by Alea are the tartan patterned shirts. Pictures, squares and squares in the Scottish style are ready, once again, to act as evergreens in the autumn months.

Alea, following the trends of the moment, abandons the idea that men’s shirts are only synonymous with the successful man bon ton and embraces the current according to which tartan shirts can be worn by anyone.



In the United States this type of shirt has always represented an icon of the country but there is also a finer and more refined version to wear at work or on formal occasions. These are micro-checkered shirts in two colors that, thanks to their checkered layout, give the shirt a more elegant and tidy tone. In fact, as suggested by the fashion etiquette, the bigger and more colorful the paintings in the shirt are, the greater the casual and smart character of the item worn.

The tartan shirt is suitable for all styles, from the most sophisticated to the most casual. It can be combined with jeans, velvet trousers but also with more elegant trousers.

This typically British fabric has really been very successful so much so that the plaid shirt has become a must have in any man’s wardrobe to create and mix multiple styles.

Tartan and checked prints, in many sizes and colors, can be found in the new Alea collection.

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