When choosing a shirt it is important to pay attention to the fit, to how it falls on the body, to the way it adapts to its lines and highlights them.

What do we mean by “fit“? The fit, from the English verb “to fit” which means “to adapt”, “to put on”, indicates the shape of the model of a piece of clothing and therefore determines its wearability.

There are different types of wearability, the main ones being classic, slim and tailor fit.



The classic fit shirt is the classic shirt model. The armhole is soft and is the shirt that allows more agility in the movements because it has no seams and darts on the back. The classic fit shirt, thanks to its rather large cut, is ideal to be worn under a jacket or with a neck tie.

The slim fit shirt, compared to the classic fit shirt, has a tight armholes and dresses a leaner, leaner man who loves to wear tight-fitting shirts. The slim fit model is preferred for stretch fabrics, vintage or floral patterns.

Finally, the shirt with a tailor fit fits the perfect cross between the classic and the slim fit. It is appreciated by many men because it has a more calibrated armhole and darts on the back that guarantee a more versatile fit. Ideal for wearing both for official events and for more casual and sporty clothing.

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