What does not immediately catch the eye, in a shirt, but which certainly contributes to giving it a personality and a style is the collar. Often considered of secondary importance to fabric or cut, the collar says a lot about a shirt and the wearer.

Here are the most famous and popular types of collars:


The most classic of all. Featuring straight and closer tips than other models, it has a visually slimming effect.

Semi Italian

Distinguished by a less formal cut than the Italian collar, it has slightly shorter sails and a greater width between the tips. Ideal for tall people with a slender physique.


Composed of reduced sails, short and open tips and well spaced from each other. Not suitable for very formal contexts due to its breadth which also gives it the name of “open collar”.

Semi French

Perfect if you don’t have specific needs. This elegant yet not too formal design collar is able to harmonize most proportions.


Typically oriental cut, the mandarin collar is completely devoid of sails. The minimal design makes it suitable for more casual situations.

Wing Tip

Characterized by very small and pronounced sails on the front, today its use is limited only to the most important ceremonies.

Long bottom-down

Not so formal in appearance, it is indeed more suitable for sportswear or a youthful and informal business style. Born in the 1950s, it is characterized by two buttonholes that button the tips directly on the shirt.

Short bottom-down

With a shorter length than the previous version, this type of collar has a casual look.


Characterized by rounded and blunt tips that are also worth the name of “round collar”. It is extremely suitable for slender and elongated faces.

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