What to wear to a wedding

Matrimonio Sposi
Raise your hand if you received an invitation to a wedding this summer!
From May to September they rain down on your head and you end up in the same old situation: a man wearing a suit is classy and elegant, but there’s always a mistake behind the corner. Here is a short guide to help you find the perfect outfit for a wedding.
First of all suit is a must: it’s fine to be original, but a jacket is not an optional. When the wedding is in the morning, the color of the suit can be light blue, grey or beige. In the night, you’d better go for a darker shade.
Now the piece we love the most: the shirt. A white one fits for every suit, but you can also play with shaded (e.g.: a light blue shirt matching a dark blue suit). It’s summer time and short sleeves are tempting you? There are two reasons to avoid them: they do not fit suits and, above all, short sleeves are too sporty. Patterns are inappropriate, unless you are one of those original guys who are able to create looks out of the box.
Shoes and socks are fundamental to complete an outfit. White socks cannot even be mentioned: the best choices are dark socks or those of tone similar to the suit. Shoes can be the piece you can focus your personality on: if you are a real dandy, Oxford or monk shoes can be good for you; while if you are young, sporty kind take a risk and wear a pair of fashionable sneakers.

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