What to wear for a business meeting

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How many times did you ask yourself what is best to wear for a business meeting?

Every workplace has its dress code: if it’s very formal you must wear a main suit matched with a white shirt (discover here why its’ impossible to do without it), if it’s more informal and fashion, even a glam t-shirt enhanced by original accessories with a casual jacket is ok!

There are also some tips that are always valid so as not to go wrong: micro polka dots and micro rows that belong to the professional world and you can safely wear to work. The most popular trousers patterns for formal occasions is pied de poule, prince of Wales or pinstripe; jeans can be suitable in less formal contexts but strictly dark. To avoid the glossy fabric and, if you want to be elegant with something different from your jacket, choose a cardigan, only in neutral colors like grey, turtle or black.

Remember that the outfit reveals a lot about you, your personality and your creativity, choose it with care!

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