Until the middle of the last century, the office outfit did not allow exceptions and included a shirt, jacket and tie.
Today, instead, the rules have changed and you can also opt for a more business casual look.
Here are some tips on what to wear when you go to the office every day.

To show yourself as a real business man, it is important to take care of your personal image and your outfit. First of all it is essential to know how to match the colors in the right way and be aware of which garments to use and mix to obtain a more serious and reliable image.

The jacket is not always mandatory but even if simple and with the right cut, it makes the difference in the office or at least in the workplace in terms of elegance and charm.
As for the shirt, the most elegant of all is the white one, but whoever wears more casual clothing can play with matching colors using plain colors or patterns. Very unusual patterns are not recommended, such as those in Hawaiian style, while striped or checked shirts remain a must have.
The tie, unless you want to give a perfect professional image, turns out to be a bit boring. To break up the monotony, better if fancy or colored.
Finally, the importance of cutting trousers is not to be missed. Find the right balance between a model that is not too tight and not too loose.


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