Which outfits are the best to enhance a striped shirt?

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Stripes have become an evergreen, a pattern always in fashion that cannot but be present in your closet if you love shirts.

If up to few years ago the striped print was considered a sporting pattern, today it has become the emblem of sophisticated and elegant outfit.
No matter the color or the thickness, it is a must for every male wardrobe, both of you prefer a classical taste or you’re always looking for new impressive original looks.

How to combine a striped shirt to enhance and highlight your outfit?

If you aren’t a lover of the classical bon-ton look, a true novelty is taking hold this season: to combine the striped shirt to other striped garments with bright and intense colors, as bright red or green. You can really indulge yourself in creating stunning looks characterized by a very special touch.

There are no well-defined rules to achieve the right match except choosing a plain-colored tie or wearing different patterns than stripes, or again preferring tone-on-tone jackets. Few exceptions that will help you achieve a sober and elegant look.
Aiming on a multicolor outfit can be useful to create combinations with pullovers or trousers that recall one of the colors present in the shirt stripes.

But this rule doesn’t apply to a striped white and blue shirt, a real must for the office as well as for your leisure time, to wear with a blue or gray suit in the first case (with or without tie) and with a pair of blue dark jeans with a blue cashmere pullover in the second.

And for a gallant dinner?

In this occasion, to give the best of you, match it with a pair of straight-leg white jeans and a dark blue blazer, you will be irresistible!

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