It is time to go on vacation and clothing for seaside resorts is always a lottery!
Which clothing do you prefer for this heat?
The temperatures certainly suggest light and comfortable clothes. But what is the ideal shirt for a real gentleman to wear in a seaside resort?



The most suitable shirts for a pleasant sense of freshness are those of linen or light cotton.
Furthermore, comfortable shirts are recommended, better if a little abundant rather than slim models.
You will certainly be fresher with a short sleeve but for those who can’t do without long sleeves, you can easily roll them up by opting for a more casual look.
The typical summer collar is the Korean one but you can feel comfortable even with a French collar or button down.
As far as colors are concerned, on the beach generally bright colors and patterns are favored.
Everyone is free to choose what comes closest to their own style and personality: solid colors for those who love the classic and patterns for those who opt for a more extravagant look.
Evergreen par excellence on the beach has always been the white shirt: perfect for highlighting the tan of the skin, fresh and easy to combine with any trousers or Bermuda shorts.

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